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Listing and selling a home is hard work and can possibly also be stressful. That’s why it’s important for you to pick the right agent who will do the job and do it well. You’ll want your agent to be trustworthy, reliable and dependable. 

At Corinthian Realty, we’ll walk you through the process of selling a home. We’ll explain to you every step of the process and ensure that you have a good understanding of what is involved – from setting the price for your home to what the closing process is all about in 5 steps.

Step One

Price Your Home

The objective is to price your home so that it will sell within a reasonable period of time for the highest price that the market will bear. Determining the right price, however, is not an exact science. So we’ll work with you and provide you with the most current information on your local housing market to help you understand what a good price for your home should be.

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Step Two


Some homeowners are afraid that disclosures would affect the sale of their home. However, seller disclosure has been the law for sometime and they rarely keep a home from selling. Buyers not only appreciate but in most cases will ask as much information about a property before they enter into a contract to buy it. We’ll work with you in determining what material facts need to be included in your disclosure and what repairs you’ll be responsible for and those that you might be able to negotiate with the buyer.

Step Three

Once It’s On The Market

This is a crucial time. You’ll work with us to get your home buyer ready so the home presents with it’s best foot forward. We will create a listing for your house on MLS, Zillow, Redfin and Realtor.com. Our team will also work to create marketing collateral such as a branded flyer and social media advertising on Facebook to get the word out. During the week, you might have buyers interested in touring the house and we will host open houses on the weekends for people to tour within a scheduled timeframe.

Step Four

Evaluating Offers

There are basically two ways to handle offers from prospective buyers. One is to review and consider offers as they are received. The other way to handle offers is to review and consider all offers at a specific date. Of course, there’s no guarantee that if you wait to hear offers, the offers will appear. A lot will depend on prevailing market conditions. Price is important but certainly not the only consideration. We’ll help you in evaluating offers and provide you with a clear understanding of the terms and conditions stipulated in the offer. We will you with a reasonable counteroffer when one is needed.

Step Five


Most home purchase contracts include contingencies that must be satisfied before closing can occur. The most common are contingencies for the buyer’s financing, inspections of the property and examination of title to the property. We will be regularly communicating to you the status of each contingency and when they are lifted.

Step Six

Closing Date

Closing occurs when title to the property transfers from the seller to the buyer. The closing date is one of the many elements of a home purchase contract that are negotiated by the buyer and seller. The closing date can be any date, other than a weekend or holiday, mutually agreed on by the buyer and seller. Traditionally, closings tend to be 30 to 60 days following the date that the purchase contract is ratified.

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