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Step One


One of the first things you’ll need to do once you’re decided to buy a house is to find a mortgage broker or bank who will handle your loan. Get a pre-approval on a loan in writing. Make sure that all your financial documentations are in order as your mortgage broker will give you a list of what documents they will need. Avoid delays by making sure that you provide them with these documents promptly.

Step Two

House Hunting

After getting a pre-approval from a mortgage broker let us know what you are pre-approved for and we can go over what you are looking for in a house. Understand what exactly you are looking for to feel for what houses are available in the market in your price range. In some cases, it may take several tours before you find the house you want to buy. Once you find the house you want, we will then put together an offer to seller countered your offer, you will be given so many days or hours to respond to their offer. You may either accept the counter or counter the seller’s counter.

Step Three

Making an Offer

Once you reach an agreement with seller, the contract is said to be ratified and is the day you are actually under contract. You will also be asked to write a check payable to the escrow company as good faith money for the purchase. This check will not be cashed until you are under contract with the seller. You will also be asked to pay for an appraisal. The appraisal is a lender requirement may be asked to be asked to obtain two appraisals. This is an investment you will need to make in buying a property.

Step Four

Getting the Home

There are deadlines and important dates you need to remember once you are under contract. There are also terminologies you need to make sure you understand. Our escrow coordinator will handle appointments and schedules to insure that deadlines are met. As soon as the conditions in the contract and those set by your lender are met, loan documents will be sent by your lender to the escrow company. You are now ready to proceed with the close process. As soon as a confirmation of recording is received we will be notified and the key to your new home will be delivered you.

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